Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 favorite things about my trip to California!

So I recently went to Anaheim, California, with my friends from the Mommy & Gracie show for VidCon! It was such a crazy week. VidCon is a celebration of all things YouTube with stuff for professionals as well as fans and it also happens to be organized by two of my favorite YouTubers, Hank & John Green.

If you want to watch some of our adventures, here are some videos from Mommy & Gracie. I am going to try to put one together too (Here it is. I finished the vid before I finished writing this!). Some of you might remember I used to have another blog called 10 Things because I loved lists and I think I need to start those up again!  These are my 10 favorite things about the trip.

1. I got to see Hank Green and some other awesome YouTubers, like Hannah Hart and Rhett & Link.

2. Met some really cool people, like the adorable and super smart Presley from ActOutGames and people like Syndey and her mom Kristina who are big fans of M&G! This is always my favorite part of any convention - not the big stars, but people who are more like me!

3. Getting to see my friends Haley and Amanda! They were my own personal tour guides at Disneyland! It's been about five years since I've seen them.

4. It's a Small World - I love this ride, but this version at Disneyland was extra awesome with characters from Disney movies! I didn't see those in Orlando!

5. I had so much fun hanging out with Gracie. We spent a lot of time hanging around the expo floor, playing over sized games and dancing in the silent disco. Back at the hotel, we watched YouTube videos and made up crazy ideas for Monster High lines. We laughed so hard!!!

6. In & Out Burger. We made two trips. Those animal fries are so good!

7. Mad T Party at Disneyland! So much fun. They are a really great band!

8. Toy Hunting. Because I was with the Doll Hunters we had to go toy hunting! We found some awesome Funko Pops right at the LootCrate booth and we visited a bunch of Targets and Toys R Us stores. Founds lots of cool stuff from Monster High, Littlest Pet Shoppe, Mash 'Ems, Ever After High.
We also had plenty of toys with us, too! Lil Penny came with me and so did a bunch of my Funko dudes.

9. These awesome Legos at Downtown Disney!

10. Disneyland. While it might be smaller than Walt Disney World, I think it was cool how California Adventure and Disneyland were so close together! There were come cool features that Florida doesn't have - the Indiana Jones ride, the story book ride. the Mad T Party, all that Cars stuff! The lines weren't bad and the weather was just so nice. It was all pretty magical!

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